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Vin rouge de touraine
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Technicality - Winemaking - wines Touraine  
Caveau de vente Cuve inox Pressoir pneumatique
  Vinification, maturing, storage, marketing of its production of wines of Touraine.
Transporting the harvest manual tray
  Manually harvested grapes are placed in boxes breakthroughs to prevent maceration between the juice and grape skins.
Arriving at the winery
  The boxes are placed on a conveyor belt to one of bladder presses.
conveyor belt
  The harvest is fed to the press on this type of carpet to be always full of clusters to be pressed.
Bladder Press
  This is one of our two bladder press "Beucher". This is part of a recent investment.
2 Bladder Presses
  Bladder presses Beucher
Filter tangential
  An Investment for Quality

The filter must respect the specific character of each wine. The quality of the filter should not degrade over time. In a single filter the wine should be ready for bottling. Cleaning and sanitization of the filter must be simple. New investment in modern filter using more land. This choice was appropriate because to date, hundreds of caves in the world, filter their wines on filters with ceramic membranes tangential
Excessive alcohol endangers your health. Drink moderate amounts only.